Lower Lash Drama

I like trying out different eye make up, but for everyday looks i just like to keep it simple and quick. I wish i had time to apply exquisite make-up for the office, or for popping out to the petrol pump…but seeing as i can just about get out of bed in time for work, blending, shading and contouring are left for moments with less rush involved.
Recently i’ve been doing something so simple on my eyes, and its something that i noticed in some old photographs of my mom in her twenties.

Black Kohl applied super intense, BUT only to the lower lashes and waterline. The eyelid and upper lash line is left bare, or with a light coating of a neutral toned eyeshadow.

Black kohl is never really going to go out of fashion, but the way we use it will change, evolve and maybe even return to a previous era. This is a very simple look, but definitely distinctive. The black is bold against the whites of the eye, but there is still a freshness as eyes do not get lost in the darkness of entirely rimmed black liner.
I used MAC’s Smolder eye kohl to line and finished my look off with a coating of Boots 17 Wild Curls mascara. 

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