Not Quite Love at First Sight – Les Khakis de Chanel Nail Collection

Nothing was going to get in my way today as i battled torrential rain, tfl signal failures, crazy crowds and stroppy teenagers to get to Selfridges. I got there…and now have these beauties – the newly launched, limited edition Les Khakis de Chanel nail colours.

At first sight, i felt let down, they didn’t look so great in real life compared to the numerous promotional images i had seen. I almost didn’t purchase them. The Khaki Rose looked more like a brown and the Khaki Brun was an army green shade – not exactly what i was expecting. Nice enough, but they didn’t match the image in my mind. 
I bought the collection, and although it wasn’t love at first sight, the ❤ has grown (and isn’t that the best love anyway, love that grows and grows and…grows). The 3 tones which should be (but don’t have to be) worn together are different to anything i have ever tried, hence why i wasn’t too sure about them at the start. They are all very complementing of each other and look great against my olive skin tone. I’m not convinced that these shades will suit all skin complexions though. I can imagine the rose getting lost against darker skin.
The colours photograph a lot differently compared to how they look in real life. 

With flash
Without flash

I’m now looking forward to Chanel’s SoHo collection, out on 15th October. I’m on that reserve list!

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