Make Up By Fearne Cotton

Fashion loving TV star and Radio1 DJ Fearne Cotton announced the launch of her brand new make up line last week at the Boots Christmas event.
Simply labeled ‘Fearne‘, will launch an inital collection exclusively to Boots this September, with a larger line later next year. I was lucky enough to catch her alone at the event and took the opportunity to quiz her about the range and indulge in a cupcake…or two.

We all know Fearne loves her fashion, what with her own range of shoes, clothes and connections with, but i never really linked her to make up. FC explained that she wanted to create make up that represented her, was affordable, great to wear and included colours that were on trend.
I looked at the Fearne range, which was nicely laid out on display with afternoon tea and cakes, and was pleasantly surprised. There’s a nice choice of products, beautiful colours and lovely packaging.

Most pieces of make up are delivered in cute make up pouches and bags which are definitely there to be reused as daily or holiday cosmetic bags.

FC describes the packaging as “girlie and vintage with an edge”. The brand is represented by a skull image, but when you look closely at it, you notice that this skull is created from some of FC’s favourite icons. All the design elements can be traced back to FC in one way or another, and is really expressive of her personality, FC pointed out that “the prints are all inspired by my tattoos, jewellery or clothes”. 
Debbie Burgin, Ladies Gift Buying Manager at Boots told me they tried really hard to keep this line as close to FC’s original idea and sketches by consulting her on every level. It’s good to know that a lot of passion was involved in creating this make up and its not something that Boots produced and then slapped FC’s face on.

There is no doubt that the pretty vintage florals with skulls, clovers and mermaids have a distinct style about them. Pretty but cool.
…and the actual make up.
The large eye colour pallet (Made You Look, Made You Stare) with 10 generous chunks of colour, ranges from gold and bronze to deep green, navy and purple. With a smooth almost creamy texture and fab depth of pigment, this eye pallet is one of my faves. The green in sample pallet below was obviously popular.

I also really liked the smaller e/s compact, it not only housed some gorgeous shades but i loved the tortoiseshell casing with a hologram of the skull icon. I’d probably use this as a bronzer actually…apart from the blue obviously.

FC was actually sporting a mega hot eye look that particular day, all created with a loose bronze e/s and a chunky green crayon…which happen to be some of her personal loves from the collection.

Since ‘Fearne‘ is launching in time for Christmas, pretty much all the make up comes as gifted sets, there are lip gifts, eye gifts and some fab nail colour sets. The biggie is a huge hat box filled with lip and eye selections.

I’ll keep my eye out for when ‘Fearne‘ launches, I fancy trying out a few pieces. 
Ps: FC had the best ever shoes on, i had to snap!

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