A Hot Christmas With Boots

Is July too early too mention Christmas? It appears not, because this week, on a hot summers day, Boots held their annual Christmas Event showcasing all the goodies and gifts they have coming up for the festive season.
As expected, most brands will have gift sets galore on the shelves by late autumn to inspire our present buying journey. Generally i am pretty boring and prefer to receive vouchers for my favourite stores so i can buy what i actually want, but i did spot a few things on the day that i wouldn’t mind unwrapping.
Here is a quick round up:
I’d say the most exciting announcement was that DJ and TV presenter Fearne Cotton is set to launch her own line of cosmetics, named…well ‘Fearne’.
I will be posting about this separately, as i was lucky enough to grab 10mins alone with her to talk about the line, so keep an eye out for that, however in a nutshell, the on trend celeb will launch a range exclusive to Boots this September. Its a girly looking range but with a distinct edge that really represents Fearne. A few items really stood out and as far as celebrity inspired ranges go, this one is definitely worth a try.

Strictly Come Dancing
I don’t get excited about make up, perfume, or fashion which is born out of movies or TV shows. I usually find it all a bit tacky really. Saying that, when it comes to prime time TV series Strictly Come Dancing, there is definitely a small part of us all that wishes we were twirling around in those gorgeous outfits with perfectly coordinated hair and makeup in tow. Well Strictly (i can’t keep typing the entire title) are now releasing a make up range reflecting the dance styles featured on the series, so we can all try and get that Falvia flair.

Lisa Armstrong, Head of Hair and Make Up on Strictly (and wife to Ant of Ant & Dec), showed me what the line includes. She explained the range is focused on the three main dances of Latin, Ballroom and Salsa. Not only does it include make up but also nail colours and eye lashes.

In terms of colours, the pallet for the Latin ranges are quite sexy, and sophisticated with deep sultry tones, the Ballroom make up is earthy and natural, and as expected the Salsa range is bright, vibrant and playful.

All colours are still very on trend and can be mixed and matched to create some stunning looks. I particularly like the highlighter in the above pallet. From the larger make up trains to the smaller make up books, you don’t have to be a Strictly fan to enjoy these cosmetics. The colours are all very wearable and have a decent pigment to them too.
Available in Boots from October 2010.

I have to confess, i probably haven’t worn any 17 make up since….hmmm since i was 17 i’d say. So as i approached the lovely little sofa area dedicated to the range and manned by the beautiful 17 MUA and brand ambassador Vanesa Guallar, i expected to find a glitterball range of crayons and sticky glosses.

I’m not denying the glitter, it was definitely there, but just not a loud and sparkly as i imagined. Actually the shimmer was subtle and very wearable…and lets face it, Christmas isn’t really Christmas without some shimmer action!

17 sure has grown up, the constantly improving technology and formulas has meant that it is now a range which can appeal to a much wider audience. The Christmas limited editions have me sucked in for sure.
Eyeshadow Trios:
Four luscious e/s trios (£4.99 each), all with a lovely combination of shades. They have a nice smooth texture and the colour appears to build and blend well (from the swatches i did). Seen as there is a 3 for 2 on this entire range, i’d get Neptune (purples and gold and also my fave), Galactic (variations of green) and Moondust (blues and silver). The forth is Starstruck which is a combination of black, dark grey and pink. This is also a lovely one but i already have a similar trio.

Glitter Liners:
The Glitter liners also come in four shades, silver, gold, black and purple. They can be used to draw a single line across the upper lash line to give instant dazzle, or can be dabbed over the top of a shadow for shimmer. These are pretty high on the glitter spectrum, so be warned. Vanessa gave me a black and purple liner to try out so will post about these when i try them out.
Wild Curls Mascara:
I haven’t tried this yet, but was told that the new formulation includes a blue pigment for a more intense black lash. I’m hot on the mascara trail so am always up for a new one and am looking forward to testing this out.

Nail Xtras Matte:
Finally the festive range has opted for a single nail item which is a matte top coat. I’m actually really looking forward to trying this out as i have been wanting to get something similar for ages. I tested it out on my pinkie nail and saw the mattness appear right before my eyes…its pretty strange but i like the effect.
Boots No7
I didn’t have time to stop at No7, but i noticed a few nicely packaged make up and brush sets.

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