It’s All About The Lipstick

Somehow without thinking about it, my love for lipstick has surpassed that of lipgloss. I have always referred to myself as part of the ‘Lipgloss Generation’. Lips = Gloss. Simple. I just didn’t use lipstick much, and they didn’t excite me much. How could they when i had gloss!
To think of lipstick was to think of my mom’s make up collection when i was young girl. Solid sticks of colour was so ‘then’….I was ‘now’ and ‘now’ was lipgloss.
But something has changed over the last few months, as it seems ‘now’ is now lipstick for me and i have been wearing these more and more. In fact i don’t even carry a gloss with me anymore…actually where are all my glosses??
These are my recent lippy faves, which you will see more of in upcoming FOTD’s.

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3 thoughts on “It’s All About The Lipstick

  1. Ooo what a tasty collection, they look good enough to eat.. i have tried many high street brand listicks and i definatley think Revlon do the best.. Lipgloss is the after thought of lip colour in the new age! ; )

  2. always been a lipstick girl and always will be. secret is to find the right formula with the shades that fit your lips & skin-tone….I'm a raspberry type with lots of moisture….xxx

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