Friday’s Geeeky Guest: Eve Lom Cleanser – The Ultimate Cleansing Experience?

This weeks Geeeky Guest, Elizabeth, spends her time between her luscious Chelsea apartment and her two adopted homes – Selfridges and Liberty’s. In fact, she might as well live in a department store. She is no wallflower when it comes to beauty products, she knows what she wants and won’t stop at anything to find it. One product she cannot live without, like me, is her Eve Lom Cleanser. Over to you Elizabeth…

I discovered my favourite Eve Lom Cleanser five or so years ago while shopping in the Space NK sale. Both my shopping buddy and I let out simultaneous squeals of delight. We’d both seen the rave articles about it in Vogue or something similar.

When I got home I decided to indulge in my first cleanse with Eve Lom, as soon as I opened the pot I could smell delightful scents of chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus – I think I was addicted immediately!
The cleanser is used differently to those general foaming wash products. Eve Lom is a balm consistancy and very easy to apply to the face. It comes with a muslin cloth which I heat in a basin of very hot water and hold to my make-up covered face to bring out the impurities in the skin. The smell of the aromatic oils in the product begins to hit you once the face is heated (its very relaxing). I repeat this process of heating three times, before using the muslin to remove all remaining cleanser. It’s a very effective yet uncomplicated cleansing routine. All my make up (there is a lot), mascara (also a lot of that), and all that London grime is lifted away. My skin is left fresh and blooming with radiance. Just Perfect.
I aim to use my Eve Lom once a day in the evening before bed, I think it’s the best thing in my beauty routine. I never particularly suffered from spots except the usual “time of the month” but it does noticeably calm these little break outs down. The overall results of this cleanser are fantastic, my face remains wonderfully soft overnight and well into the next day, like nothing I have ever experienced before.
My used muslin cloth with visible mascara and make up tracks

Almost certainly, much like other Eve Lom addicts (including many celebs, Madonna, Gwenyth Paltrow and Kate Hudson), I like to persuade myself that the 200ml pot at £78 is worth it. There is a smaller size pot at £48 – but yes still very pricey. Many beauty specialist do insist that cleansing is the most important part of any beauty routine, so i am just taking their advice here and investing in my skin (so i tell my credit card).

Glowing Eve Lom fan Gwenyth Paltrow

I really do believe the Eve Lom Cleanser is the most glorious cleanser on the market. It’s my one big ridiculous beauty luxury that I allow myself, I think I would go without most things in my beauty closet to make sure I always had a supply of Eve Lom!

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